Fast Cutting Laser Machines


Fast Cutting Laser Machines

In the dynamic and constantly changing industrial market, Advanced Laser & Machine Tool is aware of the value in a respectable  name, high quality machines, dependable and excellent after-sales service.
Certainly every laser cutting machine that you purchase from AL&MT will be a long-term investment in your company’s future!
We invite you to be a part of the family of Advanced Laser & machine Tool and help us in our mission of changing the future!


Click the image above to view an energy consumption comparison between fiber laser and CO2 laser.

Linear drives disadvantages:

› Non-continuous process – they go back to home position every time
› High technology with a high amount of after-sales service
› Magnetizes and attracts metal dust
› High energy consumption
› Require an additional chiller

Why do AL&MT’s  NUKON machines use rack and pinion driven by servo motors?:

› Best system for uninterrupted operations/very little service
› Precise and well-tested
› After reaching it’s peak the speed is reduced, but it does not affect the cutting speed at all
› Energy consumption optimization

Motors & Drives in Fiber Laser

Servo Motors + Rack and Pinion Linear Drives
Acceleration Speed (G) 1,5G 3G
Axis Speed 7086”/min 7874”/min
Additional Energy Consumption 0kW/h +20kW/h
Positioning Speed ±0.002” ±0.0004
Repeatability ±0.0007 ±0.00043
  • Light Source: cable from laser diodes with low energy consumption
  • Active medium: doped ytterbium ions
  • Active fiber: double coated fiber cable with fiber Bragg grating (FBG)
  • Wave legnth: 1,0nm (Near-infrared)
  • Speed: extreme speed in thin sheets cutting Optical path: the laser beam is delivered through cable, no mirrors
  • Energy efficiency: 35% Low operating costs
  • Low-cost maintenance in the long run
  • Optimum absorption rate of the beam
  • Seamless cutting of non-ferrous metals and alloys
  • Simplified structure
  • Environmental conditions do not affect the workflow (humidity, dust, vibrations)
  • Guiding of the laser beam is not necessary
  • Extended working hours of laser diodes : 100 000 hours
  • Extra space and an option for laser power upgrade

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