Fiber laser cutting is turning over a new leaf in sheet metal processing technology. Advanced Laser & machine Tool’s series of fiber laser cutting machines are manufactured to meet the demands of fast, high-evolving industry and are  manufactured in a flexible design system..

High capacity Fiber Lasers are made in the combination of two most creative and sophisticated laser technologies – effective optical fiber and semiconductor diodes. The lasers activate diode as the source of light to impel the active fiber. In the optical fiber, the laser ray is generated and then is relayed by flexible resistant wire. Quality active fibers and rare-earth ions are doped together facilitating high power generation of an extremely small core that efficiently produces powerful lasers of one kilowatt with superior beam quality. IPG undertakes a number of proprietary technology with a view to produce consistent and powerful (kilowatts) Fiber Lasers for the existing and potential market.


A large number of laser diodes are used to generate inflated radiation for sending input to the optical fiber. The wavelength of the laser beam generated is restricted about 1070 μm with the help of an input – Bragg mirrors. This wavelength is approximately one-tenth of the volume of the wavelength of CO2 laser, which are largely used until today. The standard working life of the diodes is more than 100,000 hours. Generated laser beam is of extremely high quality with the wavelength of 1070 μm and its divergence is approximately 8 [mm * mrad]. It also can be spread with the same quality up to a space of 50 [m].


The active fiber core has a minimum thickness- only a few micrometers. Transmission of the laser ray between the cutting head and the resonator is passed through the fiber. So, there is no need for mirrors, thus the regular costly replacement of the mirrors can also be avoided. Compared to the widely used CO2 laser, Fiber laser generates ten times less wavelength and it makes possible to cut the materials efficiently. The laser beam with such kind of wavelength can absorb far better and allows you to cut the non-ferrous metals, like aluminum, brass or copper. The capacity to focus the laser beam is enhanced, ensures a higher rate of cutting, low heat dissipation in the material and the cut surface is also more smooth

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