Our Bandsaw Machines are proven to be high quality with sophisticated technical construction and user-friendly productive features. With emphasize on the customers’ requirements, we deliver services with only the top brands of world. For Bandsaw machines, Beka-Mak and FMB are industry-leaders. Beka-Mak is one of the leading manufacturers of metal cutting process hack and Bandsaws. Beka-Mak manufactures high quality Hacks and Band-sawing Machines for general purpose uses with a line of 60 various products. The machines are high performing and adapt to customers’ requirements with its vast choice of accessories. Beka-Mak guarantees the products for long lasting relationship. On the other hand, FMB was one of the pioneer companies that proposed band sawing machines when the market was dominated by only circular saws. FMB was set up in 1982 and since then, with its great capacity to evolve, to do research on the innovative product lines and to modify the machine to outfit the customer’s genuine needs, FMB has turned into a leading company in this sector. Its manufactured products represent the best in modern design and focus on maximum efficiency. In all these years the concepts behind the design of FMB’s machines have remained the same with: quality, solidity and reliability.





  • Titan + G Bandsaws are manual bandsaw machines with capacity to cut from 0° to 60° right.
  • Rotation angles of the head stops at 0°, 45° and 60°.
  • Head structure of the machine can be divided in three parts: special aluminum alloy, steel and cast iron.
  • Facilitated with dynamometric blade tensioning.
  • The vice is of solid cast iron with manual feeding and the lever fast piece clamping.
  • Blade stops micro at the end of the cut.
  • Blade cleaning can be done easily.
  • It’s handy and blades can be adjusted easily.
  • Head handgrip is with integrated a cycle button.
  • Having head gravity feeding system and front valve for feeding regulation.
  • Blade guide is combined with action of side bearings, carbide plates and top bearing.
  • Graduated scale for reading angle measurement. 



  • Fully automatic NC band saws suitable for sawing the thick-walled profiles and the solid materials.
  • Robust construction of the monoblock saw-frame with vertical hydraulic motion and linear guide.
  • Feed length in a train of 500 mm.
  • Cutting length and the average number input through NC (programmable logic controller ) of  SIEMENS  for 10 separate programs.
  • Adjustable belt speed continuously:  20 – 100 m / min.
  • Hydraulic-mechanical tension for belt.
  • Automatic machine shutdown in case of band breaks.
  • Accurate and precise measurement for position of the slide on magnetic scale.
  • Sensitive cutting pressure regulating function of the material properties.
  • The saw frame is equipped with automatic saw feed in changeover (light sensor)
  • Automatic Führungsarmverstellung, synchronized with hydraulic clamps of the horizontal vice.
  • Tape guide setup with hard metal pads sheets and rolls.
  • Automatic protection belt break.
  • Chip brush is driven by impeller.

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