4 Axis CNC Press Brake


Yes, the Accurl 4 Axis CNC Press Brake machine is designed for efficiency, but most importantly—this machinery guarantees speed and higher production. Professionals see this item as one which is more cutting edge than most—clearly designed for the future! Operators will love the fact that this machine helps to maximize on the highest quality results while decreasing per unit costs. All cylinders and valves are perfectly synchronized to perform repetitive actions without friction or hiccups to the mechanics. Furthermore, this is an ergonomic friendly design, much like its predecessor the 3 Axis CNC Press Brake. This means that maintenance can be carried out easier and with less time involved. In fact, there is very little maintenance needed for this machine. We want to also point out that this specific model exceeds safety specifications. The various safety switches and guards offer more protection for the operator, while in use. So, why not put a machine to work that can handle the heavy duty jobs perfectly, but always with accuracy, safety and reliability in mind and at a price you can afford! The standard features are listed below:

  • Mono block, welded steel frame rigid to deflection and high tensile with ST44 A1 material.
  • 4 axis (Y1, Y2, X, R-axis).
  • Back gauge system with X, R-axis driven by AC servo with colored graphics.
  • HOERBIGER servo hydraulic system.
  • Hardened and ground standard sectioned top and 4V-Die bottom tools (835 mm section).
  • Easy to clamp tool holding system with upper and lower tools.
  • Standard graphic controllers can be selected from: Delem DA56s 2D color graphical touch screen controller and Cybelec Mod Eva 12S.
  • Electrical panel with cooling system designed to meet CE standards.
  • Ergonomic user friendly, pendant control panel.
  • Back light safety guards (category-4).
  • Front side covers with safety switches.
  • Synchronization of the Y1+Y2 axis provided by linear encoders with 0.01mm tolerances.
  • Foot pedal meets CE regulations.
  • Sliding front support arms with T slot and mm/inch rulers.
  • Throat depth 410 mm.

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